Youthworker of the Year Award 2015

Various catergories, have a look. Great opportunity to bless and say Thank you to someone who is making a difference to Young People All the info is HERE Here’s a challenge for youth groups that could be fun: ‘Dress up your youth leader as a superhero and post the image on Facebook or Twitter. There […]


Youth Ministry: 5 reasons to employ and 5 reasons NOT to employ

Ali, at the, has written a blog giving insight into why we should or should not employ a youth leader.  He says: This is a blog on the mindfield that is employing someone to lead childrens, youth, family work in the local church and community.  Across the years I have been supporting, encouraging and […]

How to develop the ‘ideal’ youthworker

What makes an ideal youth worker ideal? What ingredients do you need to add to the mix? What specific traits and skills should we be developing to fill holes in our youth worker template? This was a brilliant question posed to me in a training session this morning. I’m going to attempt to summarise my […]

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Writing A Youthwork Strategy From Scratch

Health Caution: Long and boring. If you’re interested in writing a yw strat, don’t know where to start but really don’t want to read though the 2-hour-knocked-out-nonsense below then get in touch at Writing youth project strategy can be flippin hard work! I’ve been involved with writing about a dozen now and they’re all […]

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Do We Really NEED Another Youth Event?

Do we really need another youth event? – I know they’re fun (if you’re an extrovert) and they’re cool (if you’re a faux-hipster) and an ego-bump (if you’re a youthworker) and they look like you’re doing something (if you’re a trustee) – but do we really need them? A big flash-bang-wallop youth crowd event is […]


CPAS Pitstop – a retreat experience for full-timers in youth ministry.

Being a youth minister is more than a full-time job. Lots of time and energy is spent encouraging, engaging with and discipling others in their faith while our own souls are often left malnourished. Finding space and like-minded people to engage with in critical thinking and theological reflection is sometimes hard, but vitally important to […]