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CPAS Pitstop – a retreat experience for full-timers in youth ministry.

Being a youth minister is more than a full-time job. Lots of time and energy is spent encouraging, engaging with and discipling others in their faith while our own souls are often left malnourished.

Finding space and like-minded people to engage with in critical thinking and theological reflection is sometimes hard, but vitally important to stay fresh and to keep on growing in our ministry.

Pitstop is an opportunity to do just this and it does exactly what the name suggests – provides an opportunity to pull over for a couple of days, have some time to reflect on where you’re up to and receive some input yourself.

This 48 hour event will:

  • Offer a space for you to engage with critical thinking.
  • Help you think through the unique challenges of longevity in youth leadership.
  • Provide an opportunity for individual consultation on particular issues you are facing.
  • Feed you well – both spiritually and physically.
  • Be kept deliberately small (up to 25 participants) to create a sense of community.

Monday 23 May to Wednesday 25 May 2011

Windmill Farm Conference Centre, Bampton, Oxfordshire


How to book
You can book your place online or calling 01926 458425.

For more information please contact:

Ruth Hassall
E rhassall@cpas.org.uk
T 01926 458416

Andy Castle
E acastle@cpas.org.uk
T 01926 458422