Youth Ministry Bible Study: What is Mission?

Brian Kirk, from RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY, posted this excellent Bible Study last May. As our diocese begins to explore “Ministry for Mission” beyond the theory and theology this Bible study is an excellent way to engage young people in your group – it would be a great accompaniment to the 2012 Lent Course How can we help […]


Advent Ideas for Youth Ministry: Coldplay’s “Christmas Lights”

Coldplay’s “Christmas Lights” offers a path to help teens explore the deeper questions of Advent. From Brian Kirk at RethinkingYouthMinistry. Opening: Prepare in advance a  string (or more) of Christmas lights all tangled together in a bundle. Challenge your youth to  untangle the bunch in one minute or less (while showing care not to damage the […]


Why Are Youth Still Staying Away From Church?

Brian Kirk on his great website RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY ponders the problem of why young people are staying away from the church. His cultural context is America, however, there are some issues that resonate for those of us working in the UK! The Barna Group and David Kinnaman continue to share findings from their five-year project surveying youth and young […]


Occupy the church?

Brian Kirk (RethinkingYouthMinistry) wrote an interesting article on Patheos about the intersection of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the call to help youth take a place of greater responsibility within churches. This has really got me thinking! I’m not sure just getting young people to fill posts and committees that meet the approval of the current […]

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Missional Youth Ministry…At A Glance

I found this interesting post from Brian Kirk at RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY about missional youth ministry. So as we are considering Ministry for Mission as a Diocese I thought it might be useful to consider how our youth and children’s ministry might take on a missional shape. Are you trying an attractional approach??? How about a […]


Discussion Starter: How will you be remembered?

  I read this on the excellent RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY – i reckon it’s a good way to get young people talking and reflecting This idea could provide a window not only into what values the teens in your group already carry with them, but what values you might help them explore in the coming […]

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RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY: make your own prayer labyrinth

From the brilliant guys at RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY   Walking a labyrinth can be a great opportunity for helping your youth focus on the journey of faith.   With most of us getting ready to kick-off a new school year in our youth ministries, why not spend some time with your youth focusing on the journey […]

RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY: Worship Idea – Growing With God

From BrianK at RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY… Try this simple hands-on worship experience to encourage your youth to seek growth in their faith. Once a year in the summer our church joins several others in our inner city neighborhood for an outdoor worship experience just prior to the jazz concert in a local park that we […]