The importance of blessing

The importance of blessing :Blessing and praying for and with children builds the connection between life and faith. But how to start? This helpful article offers simple ideas which don’t involve lots of preparation or props. It would be a good handout to give to baptism families, offering them a way of keeping the promises made on the day of their child’s baptism.

Picture Book Theology

Picture Book Theology is a site which explores the potential of using secular story books to explore theological themes with children. Some of the exploring is more didactic than discovery, but it opens your eyes to the ways that picture books can make connections between faith and life.


YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS AND THE CHURCH: Meghan Easley gives a perspective on social entrepreneurship/impact investing and the church. She also reflects on why the church needs to incorporate this way of thinking about it’s missional identity in order to reach young adults who desperately want to impact their world…and remain a part of the church they have loved. Read it here.

Grubby Faith – Involving Young People & Children in Mission

Grubby Faith – Involving Young People & Children in Mission: Scripture Union and others coming to Basingstoke and Southampton in May to run their new Grubby Faith tour. It’s an evening, following on from their Sticky Faith Tour, designed to help leaders and parents consider how to release and equip children and young people into mission (in the ‘5 Marks’ sense). Download a flyer here.