Thoughts on Children & Ministry

Thoughts on Children and Ministry… Here are the thoughts of a respected adviser from the CofE as he retired from his post. Everyone working with children, anyone who leads a church that seeks to minister with children and all those who volunteer in ministry should read this. Work with children is a teaching ministry of […]


100 things for your child to know before confirmation

Spanning Bible basics, key scripture passages, the early church, sacraments and how Christianity differs from other religions, Rebecca Kirkpatrick offers an overview of the Bible’s story and Christian worship. Each section highlights key messages, ways into conversations, and practical links between faith and life. This will not only help prepare young people for confirming their faith, […]


Planning ahead… Christmas Resources

If you don’t want to think about December, stop reading now! But if you’re already planning, these sites might help: Worshipping with Children is always a must for Advent and Christmas planning, as Carolyn Brown takes a sweeping look at the themes in Year C. The Going for Growth website has pulled together a range of sites related […]


I wonder… story telling

Wondering allows children an opportunity to respond to a story without having to have a ‘right’ answer. Rebecca Ramsey (blogger of The Wonder Circle) explores the importance of wondering questions and how she is hoping to share some of the insights they raise with her wider congregation. (And if you’ve ever wondered what counts as a stupid question, […]

Insights into children’s consumption of media: Monitoring the Change

What are the trends in children’s internet use? social media? Magazines? This article from Childwise offers some insights:  (thanks to Mary Hawes for this)

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Christian Aid Collective Intern – Excellent For Youth Groups!

Hello!  My name’s Beth and I’m the new Christian Aid Collective Intern for Hampshire. For the next 10 months, my role is to work alongside local church youth groups to look into issues of poverty and justice. I’ll be looking to run workshops, lead group sessions, give presentations or help out in any other relevant […]


SCRAP your assumptions about young people and discipleship

A really useful and powerful reflection on some of the unhelpful assumptions churches and leaders make when it comes to discipleship. Thanks to Ian Mac for posting it on his fabulous blog. I’ve been trying to get churches/leaders to step back from some of the unconscious assumptions from which discipleship approaches to work among young […]